Windows Vista – No More Sidekick

pcwizkid90171.jpg So what about the sidebar and its gadgets? This concept is not new and nothing really to brag about. Linux GUIs and Mac OS X had them for years now. However if you have only been exposed to windows this is will be a pleasant surprise to an extent. The fact is the vista sidebar was designed with new displays in mind. This means if you have the traditional CRT monitor display or first generation
Windows Vista Memory
LCD screens, these are probably not widescreen. Having a widescreen monitor is truly Microsoft’s intent for you use and enjoy properly the sidebar.

Lets face it a traditional monitor display has limited space to display your programs and so on, the last thing you want is a thick sidebar taking up a chunk of your screen, specially if you dont really use it. In my Tip #4 I show you how to disable the sidebar from running, even after reboot. [Watch the video]


~ by PCWizKid on April 26, 2007.

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