Review – Windows Vista Media Center – Part 1

tip_15_windows_vista_manage_your_media_easily.jpgIf you have media on your PC such as videos, music , photos and download the occasional movie or TV show, Windows Media Center may be your one stop show to managing it all in one place.

My first impression is, this is no iTunes, this is not meant to be a Adobe Photoshop and it is definitely not a DivX player. So what is this then you ask? Well let me start with some observations I had when I first looked at it.

  • Attractive interface makes it easy to navigate to each area
  • Single spot to perform tasks such as DVD burn, create a slide show, edit a photo.
  • Ability to access online media (videos) such as TV, Movies and latest News
  • Widescreen support (for those who can afford a wide screen monitor – not me)

There is a little of everything for everyone, however those without Vista Premium or Ultimate editions are out of luck since windows media center does not come bundled on other versions of vista. For those interested to see an introduction to Windows Media Center [Watch my video]
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~ by PCWizKid on May 17, 2007.

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