Windows updates – XP ends soon, Vista late with SP1

Windows Update, how much we waitAs with each version of Microsoft’s OS’s there is a end of life, specifically when it comes to “officially” supporting it with updates. I remember when Windows NT reached the end not too long ago. Next its Windows XP. Yes dont turn a blind eye, before you know it there will be no more Windows XP support, meaning updates from Microsoft. So whats next Vista? Well with the anxiously anticipated release of Vista’s Service pack 1, many have opted to stick with XP for now, but how much longer can you hang in there?

With windows XP going off the market early 2008, this means that probably in 2009 Microsoft will stop releasing non-security software updates, which means you would want a supported OS , next in line is Vista. However with rumors of Vista’s Service Pack now being released in later this year early 2008 and now some saying 2009!! This must be making windows users a little worried perhaps?
If Microsoft continues to face delay after delay then some may contemplate moving over to Mac’s OS X or Linux Ubuntu distribution which is free. While Windows Vista may not be a pleasant option for Windows users, the next Windows 7 isnt due for around 3 more years whoich kind of puts users in a tight spot when it comes to a reliable supported Windows OS.

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is said to roll up a large number of bug fixes and performance enhancements, as is to be expected of any service pack, but it will also contain some new exposed functionality requested by the US Department of Justice. The service pack will “create a mechanism for end users and OEMs to select a default program to handle desktop search,” providing a way to replace Vista’s default desktop search engine with a third-party alternative such as Google Desktop.

Other enhancements expected in SP1 include improved performance when copying files and shutting down the computer, support for SD Advanced Direct Memory Access, support for the Windows flash file system exFAT, the ability to boot using EFI instead of BIOS on 64-bit x86 machines, and improved connections for MeetingSpace and Remote Assistance when behind firewalls.
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~ by PCWizKid on July 26, 2007.

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