Windows Vista Top Sidebar Gadgets

Windows Vista gadgets can do more than show the time and a calendar. The Windows Vista Sidebar can also be used to install gadgets that are useful as system utilities that keep track of the resources Windows Vista is using.

Sidebar gadgets have been created that can keep track of how Windows Vista is using your hardware resources and link to 3rd party tools providing you a shortcut to getting information online. Only thing is, if you have a smaller monitor you may find the sidebar a little crowding and using precious screen space. Truth is it was meant for those with a Widescreen LCD so you can keep it running in the foreground. If you ever decide you want to permanently disable the sidebar watch my video tutorial here.Anyhow, don’t worry its not so bad for those with a regular monitor too. Below I have picked some of the best FREE Windows Vista Sidebar gadgets available. Not every gadget comes from Microsoft directly. Actually some of the best ones I have found elsewhere.

~ by PCWizKid on December 24, 2007.

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