Download TV Shows Hassle Free with Torrents – An Introduction

I’ve been asked many times where to get TV Shows for free online and how. Specially if your old VCR is broke, you cant afford a satellite system or to buy a PVR system or even TIVO.  So if you want to know the skinny on how hassle free here it is. This should take you no more than 10min to get you going.

First things first. It doesnt matter if you have a Mac, PC or running Linux, the main thing here is that you have the appropriate audio/video codecs to play back the TV shows which are usually recorded in DivX /XVid format (AVI files) .

If you are running Windows Vista and are not sure about your current video codec support, read my other article to properly enable it first. Win XP users can download the DivX pack from here.

If you are running a Linux Distribution like Ubuntu, you will want to ensure you have installed the Mplayer which will handle DivX playback without problems.

If you are running Mac OS X, you can download and install the DivX Codec from here.

Please continue reading PART 2 of the rest of this article here at my Official Blog.


~ by PCWizKid on January 25, 2008.

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