Getting More out of Windows Vista

My last article brought up some common techniques to keeping your Windows PC running smoothly, however I have posted various tips and tweaks on my Official blog which are not easily found or documented.

Here are a few of the many tutorials to improving performance:

speedup.pngSpeed up the Windows Vista start menu search by customizing the search criteria.

Not everyone needs the default Search criteria which to some is overkill. If you are only interested in searching for programs only for example you can specify the criteria speeding up your search results. [Learn How]

remotedesktop.pngControl remotely over a network connection your Windows Vista or XP computer or the other way around.Get access to your Vista applications or data stored on a remote computer from your XP PC connected on your local network for example. [Learn How]

customizeview.pngThe Windows Vista Explorer view can be customized further to your needs similar to XP. Change how files and folders are displayed and the details about them easily with these steps. [Learn How]

For more Windows Tips, visit PCWizKid’s New Blog


~ by PCWizKid on February 9, 2008.

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