MacBook – Disable Sleep Mode when Lid Closed

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One annoying behavior of MacBooks is its sleep mode when the lid is closed. What if you want to listen to music only and not have the lid open or the brightness always turned down? Well there are various solutions you can apply to tweaking this sleep behavior. Mind you some people may argue that the sleep mode is intentional and not changeable for a reason, specially if you are worried about it overheating.

The fact is if all you want to do is download a large file overnight or play music, there is no need to have the lid open and the display showing (your Mac will not overheat by doing a simple task like this). It all depends how much CPU is actually being used, so if you aren’t using a lot of processing power then it should not overheat. Too bad the new MacBook Air doesn’t solve the issue either.

Read the full article with details on tweaking your Mac on PCWizKid’s Official Blog here.

Are you thinking about dual booting your Mac with Windows? If your curious about it I have posted a recent article on the steps to do so here.


~ by PCWizKid on February 10, 2008.

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