Windows Vista – Powertoys

vistabox.jpgMany windows users are used to the Tweakui goodies of PowerToys and utilities as such.

It seems Windows Vista has been left out? Users are wondering where is the free tweaking utility for Vista?

You might have gone to a 3rd party tweaking tool already, if you havent and are still waiting for Microsoft to release its official PowerToys for Vista, you can get some relief now.

Read the full article with the direct download link to the Microsoft Powertoy at PCWizKid’s Official blog here.

Also see the TOP 10 list of FREE Vista Tweak Utilities here.


~ by PCWizKid on April 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Windows Vista – Powertoys”

  1. super toy it is super to be administrator

  2. I ran across the original article, and was flabbergasted – I never thought to be able to find a way to use my most favorite addon for IE – Jason Levine’s Trust Setter – because of the inability to run a .vbs script as admin – lo and behold, now I can!

    I keep waiting for the day that more powertoys are released to the gerneal public for use in Vista.

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