Windows Vista – Free Expose Desktop Effect

If you have Vista Aero enabled, you can add the popular Expose Switcher effect. This desktop effect has been around in OSX and Ubuntu, however in Vista you can get it for free from Switcher 2.x is a nice free alternative to the built in 3D Flip feature in Vista and uses little memory and resources.
Watch PCWizKid’s video walk through of this expose effect for Windows Vista

Here are sample views you can configure in Switcher.

  • Dock view Dock view places all windows except the active one to the side.
  • Grid view Grid view arranges the windows into a grid.
  • Tile view Tile view shrinks the windows until you can see all of them.

Download Switcher 2.0 directly here

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~ by PCWizKid on September 30, 2008.

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