iConn – iPhone case with Battery Review

PCWizKid is a a big fan of the 3G smart-phones of today. One thing you want to remember is that your smart-phone will use more power than a simple phone due to its large screen display and capabilities which add to the power consumption requirements. Having a extended battery is a must if your using your iPhone 3G to the fullest. Another aspect to remember are scratches. You want to protect your iPhone 3G from unnecessary scratches. Today PCWizKid has the opportunity to review the iConn case and battery from Wellcomm Inc, the model iBP1200. Basically it is a stylish protective case with a battery to give your iPhone 3G both the security and piece of mind that you wont run out of battery.

While iPhone is connected to iConn+, it will be charged at the same time through your laptop or PC simply by connecting it with the mini USB cable. This functionality makes it convenient for users, since they won’t have to charge them separately.

You can also transmit data and sync your iTunes while it’s charging through the laptop or PC using the mini USB cable. iPhone3G will use the iConn+‘s battery first, and then use the
iPhone’s original battery


iConn Case Specifications

Visit www.iconnectedyou.com to order the iConn case with battery.


PCWizKid Recommended

The iConn+ delivers the extra power to keep your iPhone 3G going and protected with a stylish case. The combination of features and support for the iPhone 3G makes this a great addition to this smart-phone and extends the iPhone battery with less frequent charges.


~ by PCWizKid on April 5, 2009.

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