Mute your Windows XP Sound Fast

•August 24, 2008 • Comments Off on Mute your Windows XP Sound Fast

Many Windows PC users arent fortunate to have an instant off for the volume on the keyboard or laptop. Instead you have to either go to your speaker controls and turn it off or go into the sound settings and mute it there. To save time this Windows XP Tip allows you to mute your volume fast when you need it the most!

This tip shows you how to create a shortcut (script) that mutes the XP system volume instantly without having to install anything.  Click here to read the full article and watch the tutorial on PCWizkid’s Official website.

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Increase Hard Drive Performance in Windows

•August 20, 2008 • Comments Off on Increase Hard Drive Performance in Windows

You can have lots of RAM and a fast CPU but if your hard drive is slow, it brings down your system. In windows when files get saved they are split up into pieces across the drive fragmenting them. The Disk Defragmenter puts them back together in one area which makes accessing them faster.

Disk Defragmenter rearranges fragmented files on your hard disk so that the PC performs better. Because disk fragmentation occurs over time it is common for you to start seeing slower response times when loading or accessing files in windows.

Read the full article here on PCWizKid’s Official Website

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Windows Vista – Free Recovery Boot Disc from Microsoft

•August 19, 2008 • Comments Off on Windows Vista – Free Recovery Boot Disc from Microsoft

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If you have a new computer with an OEM preload of Vista already installed and have no recovery CD or backup to restore from you will probably get into trouble one day when you need to recover the OS or re-install system files. Your not alone many PC’s don’t come with any kind of Windows Vista CD. Some may come with a recovery CD from the manufacturer (IBM, Dell, HP, Sony and so on) but most recovery CD’s will delete all your files and restore your computer to the state it was in when you first purchased it which isnt necessarily what you want.

Similar to using the Vista System Restore feature, if you are unable to access your system to use it you can use the Windows Vista DVD’s which come with a recovery center to allow you to fix operating system related problems. Microsoft made a recovery disc for this purpose which you can download for free.

This “recovery center” on the this special recovery CD from Microsoft provides you with the option of recovering your system via automated recovery (searches for problems and attempts to fix them automatically), rolling-back to a system restore point, recovering a full PC backup, or accessing a command-line recovery console for advanced recovery purposes.

One thing I want to make clear, this special recovery cd for vista cannot be used to install or reinstall Windows Vista fully from scratch.

NeoSmart Technologies is hosting a special copy of the Windows Vista (32 or 64bit) Recovery Disc for your convenience. It is a 120 MiB download, and in the standard ISO format which you will need to burn the image to CD before you can use it. Once you created the CD you can boot with it and follow the screen instructions.

Windows Vista x86 Recovery Disc Torrent

Windows Vista x64 Recovery Disc Torrent

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Time to Go Green with IT Eco Freindly Products

•August 13, 2008 • Comments Off on Time to Go Green with IT Eco Freindly Products

If you’re one of the millions trying to live an eco-conscious life, you might be changing your light bulbs to energy saving, you can walk to work, but what are you doing about reducing your carbon footprint when on your PC and electronics and all the related daily activity you do around it?

Here are some suggestions on how to become more IT eco-friendly with the use of technology these days. We only live once, lets make the best of it.

Here are various ways you can contribute:

Hosting on “greener pastures”
If you are looking for a hosting environment for that new website of yours, you might want to look into a eco-friendly environment. HostPapa is one example, they use a 100% renewable energy green web hosting environment for their data centers.

HostPapa has taken the initiative of going green by purchasing 100% green renewable energy to power their data center, web servers, office computers, laptops and office space. These energy sources supply HostPapa’s entire equivalent energy consumption into the power-grid with certified 100% renewable green energy sources, such as wind and solar-powered energy.

Use Energy Star Certified PC Hardware
Newer PC hardware in most cases uses less energy, and there’s a good chance it will also come with energy-management tools that shut off the power automatically after lengthy idle periods. Many computer components and electronics from a motherboard to an external hardrive have the Energy Star Logo on it. These green friendly products help fight global warming by meeting strict energy-efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency all without sacrificing quality or performance. So, just look for this logo to save energy, money, and the environment the next time you shop for green electronics.

However there are other technologies like AMD’s chip maker’s PowerNow! which optimizes battery life and provides performance on demand when required by an application. PowerNow! also allows the AMD CPU to dissipate less heat under normal operating conditions, providing a cooler and quieter-running notebook.

Here are a list of the latest popular hardware you can get that are energy saving compliant:

Laptops examples
HP Pavilion DV6785SE 15.4″ Entertainment Laptop (Core 2 Duo)
– All the new Apple Laptops for example are Energy Star Qualified, the Apple MacBook MB403LL/A 13.3″ Laptop 2.4 GHz (Core 2 Duo) is the bestseller of the bunch.
Sony VAIO VGN-FW139E/H 16.4″(2.26 GHz Core 2 Duo 3 GB RAM, 250 GB Laptop
Asus Eee PC (with Solid State Hardrive)

If you looking for the energy-efficient hard drivesthe new Toshiba hard disk drives is something to look at. Among the list of models announced is the new 400GB 2.5-inch MK4058GSX HDD. Designed for notebooks and laptops, this HDD uses only two platters which apparently display the highest density data among all Toshiba HDDs. The MK4058GSX’s operation is almost inaudible and it even uses 20 percent less energy than what the current 320GB MK3252GSX HDD model does.

Here are some LCD Monitors that are worthy of a look at:

Did you know a 42-inch plasma TV could consume more power than a large fridge? To put it into perspective with other TV technologies; a 28-inch CRT TV consumes 100W, a 42-inch LCD consumes twice that amount, while a plasma could use as much as five times that consumption. In short, if you really have to get a TV set, it would be best to go for LCD TVs, although it’s obviously the wisest choice to continue using your old CRT TVs if they still work. If you want you want to make sure of what you’re buying, wait until November 2008 when Energy Star starts rating energy efficient TVs.

Acer AL2216Wbd 22″ LCD Monitor
HP W2207H 22″ Widescreen LCD Monitor
Samsung SyncMaster 920NW 19″ LCD Monitor

Canon Pixma MP610 Photo All-On-One Inkjet Printer
Brother HL-2170w 23ppm Laser Printer with Wireless
Epson Stylus Photo 1400 Photo Printer

If your curious on your enery consumption today for ordinary electronics

Calculate Your Energy Consumption

Use the Energy Calculator to see what your electronics’ use means for your wallet by the minute, day, month and year.

Windows Vista PowerToy – Free Image Resizer

•August 12, 2008 • Comments Off on Windows Vista PowerToy – Free Image Resizer

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There is a new PowerToy type add-on for Windows Vista users. The Image Resizer PowerToy Clone. It is a free open source Windows Shell Extension that enables you to resize one or more image files on the fly by simply right-clicking on them.

This enables easy image resizing on virtually any version of Windows. So far I have tested all common image types (png,jpg,gif,bmp) and it resized them without issues.

Details on downloading it and watching the video tutorial on how to use it are posted here on PCWizKid’s Official Website.

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Windows XP Service Pack 3 – To install or not?

•August 9, 2008 • Comments Off on Windows XP Service Pack 3 – To install or not?

There is a common rule of thumb when it comes to updating or upgrading your PC operating system, “If it works don’t fix it” or at least if your keen on upgrading to the latest service pack 3 for Windows XP, give it a few months to iron out the software incompatibilities. Its no secret that with any major release of a service pack comes some form of pain, hence the saying “no pain no gain”. But enough with the puns, what should you do at this point in time you ask?
SP3 has been out for a few months now, it is more of a traditional service pack rolling up previous hot-fixes than about new functionality. So the overall claim that it adds 10% Performance Boost is a nice bonus.

Lets start with some precautions before you do the install of SP3.

  • Exit all Spyware and Ad-Aware programs temporarily.
  • Disable temporarily all Antivirus Softwares
  • Exit any programs that hav estarted automatically in your startup that are running in the system tray.
  • Exit all DVD related softwares in order to avoid .dll crash

The not so good stories about SP3:
System Keeps Rebooting after Installing Windows Service Pack 3
XP SP3 triggers false positives in security apps
Windows Update got corrupted or broke.

The final shipping version of Windows XP SP3 is available for download from Microsoft here:

XP SP3 standalone version
XP SP3 CD Image

More information about XP SP3 downloads is available on the Microsoft TechNet Web site.

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Getting and Customizing Free Mouse Cursors

•August 5, 2008 • Comments Off on Getting and Customizing Free Mouse Cursors

Running Windows or Ubuntu (Linux)? Well tell me you arent using the same old mouse cursor theme still are you?

Many have asked PCWizKid where to get the cursor set seen in the video tutorials. I have included it here for you to download.

Sure there is nothing wrong with a plain white mouse pointer, but your really missing out. Lets change it for free to something you will like with these easy steps:

For Windows Users

For Ubuntu users

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